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2 JIW Permanent for Lighthouse Electric at Proctor & Gamble

Must have drug test within 30 days of start date, background check, 2 forms ID, OSHA 10 card, and voided check for direct deposit. Working 5-10's.


Job Line Phone Number:(419) 879-0032


Local 32 is a Day Book only.

Jobs are placed on the recorder / website at 5:00pm daily.

Daybook sign time are 8:00am - 9:00am.

Calls are dispatched at 9:00am sharp.

We will go by "Hall" time.






31 on Book 1
3 on Book 2
1st person Book 1 - Page 204, Line 5
Last person on Book 1 - Page 239 Line 4
1st person on Temp Book - Page 204, Line 5
Last person on Temp Book - Page 239, Line 4
1st person Book 2- Page 528, Line 12
Last person Book 2 - Page 529, Line 3
Teledata Book
0 on the Teledata Book
Work Outlook

See "Referral Procedure" below for the new

referral and re-sign procedures.


You must be currently compliant with IBEW Local 32's Substance Abuse Program at the time of referral.  If you have a program through your Local and it is BWC compliant in Ohio within 1 calendar year prior to date of referral, it may be compatible with our program. Check at our Hall to find out.


Paying for your own test

Many of you indicated that you would like to pay for your own test in order to get into our Drug Free Workplace Program. We have worked it out with our LMCC for you to pay $39.00 for your own test. When you take a call from Local 32, the LMCC will reimburse you the full amount, as long as you had a clean test. If you are interested in doing this, contact the hall. We will set a time for you to watch the orientation film, (it is 1 3/4 hours long) and send you to be tested.


Rules for IBEW Local Union 32 Hiring Procedures & Resigns

  • Applicants may sign the Out-of-Work list from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Jobs will be dispatched from 9:00am until however long it takes to get through the calls.

  • UPON LAYOFF: Applicants may sign the out of work list using the lottery system. Upon the first applicant arriving at the Hall, the applicant will draw a number to show their spot on the out of work list. This lottery system will remain open until 8:45am the next business day to accommodate 1st, 2nd and 3rd shifts. Any applicant who wants to sign the out of work list while the lottery system is open will also be part of the lottery. This system will be used only in the event of a layoff. An applicant may hold their place on the out of work list, while serving in the military, serving jury duty, or with a letter from a doctor stating they are unable to work. Upon receiving a discharge from the military, completing jury duty, or receiving a doctor's release they will be returned to the out of work list in their appropriate place.

  • You must be currently compliant with IBEW Local 32's Substance Abuse Program If you have a program through your Local and it is BWC compliant in Ohio, andit is current within 1 year of the date of referral, it may be compatible with our program. Check at our hall to find out.
  • Daybook sign times will be from 8:00am to 9:00am sharp. We will go by “Hall” time.
  • Job line phone number (419) 879-0032. Website address:
  • As a convenience to those seeking employment, IBEW, Local #32 will make every effort to announce upcoming jobs on the Local #32 Job Line and on the Local #32 Website. Jobs will be posted at 5:00pm each evening. In doing so, IBEW, Local #32 assumes no responsibility for mechanical failure, telephone failure, personnel error, the inadvertent omission of upcoming jobs, or other situations resulting in incomplete or inaccurate information posted on either the Job Line or the Website.

  • No call will be filled more than seven (7) days in advance.

  • The top 50 people on each book (who are qualified for the call) may leave a message to reserve a call – either on the job-line, the regular line answering machine or speak to the Hall before 9:00 am the day of dispatch. You must leave a number that you can be reached between the hours of 9:00am and 10:30am. Two attempts will be made to reach you at that number. If there is no answer or a busy signal both times, it will be a refusal of a call and you will roll off the book. If a referral is written and the individual doesn’t report for the call, they will roll off the book. Everyone on the book will take a hit if they are not here for the call, or do not leave a message if in the top 50, until a call is filled. There are no hits given on specialty calls.

  • If an applicant takes a referral at the normal dispatching time, but cancels the referral after normal dispatching is complete, the applicant will roll off the book and that job will not be available for referral until the normal dispatching time the following workday. Any job not filled at the normal dispatching time will be available for referral throughout that day until normal cut-off time at 3:00pm.

  • Once you get your third hit you will roll off of the regular book. You must resign in person. There will be no lottery system on resigns after rolling off the book, unless the lottery is in effect due to layoffs. The first person in the door is the first person to sign.

  • When an emergency call for people reaches the Hall after the morning hour of job assignments, the dispatcher will start at the top of Book 1, then Book 2 and etc., calling each applicant in order to inform them of the job call. No answer, or if the applicant cannot be contacted personally, the dispatcher shall move to the next applicant and so on through the book. Emergency calls will be put out as temporary only. No hits are given for emergency calls.

  • Temporary calls (14 calendar days or less) will be offered on a rotating basis. No hit will be given for turning down a temporary call. When an applicant finishes a temporary call, they will be rotated to the bottom of the temporary list. It is the applicant’s responsibility to inform the Hall when a temporary job is completed. No hits will be given to anyone working a temporary call and they will remain on the out of work list for the duration of the temporary call. When taking a temporary call you are expected to finish the call.

  • RESIGN: Resign will be required monthly, beginning on the 10th and ending on the 16th of each month. If your original sign date is before the current month's resign date, you must resign for that month. You may fax, email, or resign in-person. No resigns will be accepted late. RESIGN MUST INCLUDE NAME, PAGE AND LINE NUMBER, HOME LOCAL NUMBER, IBEW CARD NUMBER, AND ADDRESS.



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